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“This school produces children who love learning. Thank you for the awesome head start you have given our family.”
The Marmelstein Family

“When Joseph first started at Montessori Preschool @ Copperfield, he was a very shy, timid boy.  He was not outgoing and did not use his voice much.  After three short years, including Kindergarten, he became an outgoing boy who not afraid to kindly speak his mind.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the wonderful teachers, past and present, who had a role in helping Joseph blossom.  You taught him with grace and understanding to let his own personality and attributes shine through, instead of trying to make him fit into a mold of who you wanted him to be.  You have provided him a strong wholesome foundation that we believe he will hold on to for the rest of his life.”
The Sammons Family

“My daughter has made wonderful progress over the last 3 years at your school. I feel she is more prepared academically for Kindergarten. More importantly, she is confident and secure whether at a dance recital or on the soccer field. As a mother, I always knew my daughter was safe and well taken care of.”
F. Cook

“My daughter has such an interest in learning now. We’ve started getting questions like How? and Why?. I absolutely love it! We don’t have live very close by to the school, so I was not sure about driving her everyday. But, I can tell you that every minute was worth it. You know a school is fabulous when your child cries when she has to miss a day.”
A. Dharamshi

We felt an immediate connection with this place…however, I was concerned how my daughter will adjust to a new school. Well, days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, and I saw her loving school and eager to go there everyday! Suddenly there were no more tantrums and battles to face. The school has been a second home for her.”
Y. Tamhane

“The Director gave us a tour of the school. We did not have second thoughts about enrolling our daughter in this school and had made up our minds before leaving the facility. This school was beyond our expectations. It’s comforting to know that not only is our daughter getting a great education but she is happy at school as well.”
R. Ahuja

“My son adapted to the school and thrived. He started to become more outgoing, and started displaying many social skills. My son can read and write due to the teachers’ patience and the Montessori materials.”
N. Vohra

“As parents, we try to instill good values at home, and it is obvious that without the supporting structure of your school we would not see the same young man…your school is one of the best environments a parent could hope for to have for their child…our son has started first grade now and it is even more obvious how much he learned while at your school.”
M.G. Beck