The Montessori Way: Discovering Size, Shape and Color

Sensorial materials in the Montessori classroom are designed to hone the child’s senses – to develop keen perception for the world around her. Through these materials, the child is taught discipline, concentration, geometry and dexterity – all in preparation for advanced concepts in math, language and science.

One way children engage with the sensorial materials is by creating variations – using the materials to create unique shapes and patterns to showcase difference in shape, color and size.

The Montessori Directress would usually encourage this engagement – asking questions like “What would happen if I do this?”. The aim is to inspire a child’s curiosity and test new ideas – all while playing with concepts that can be experienced and tested with the child’s senses.

In Ms. Linda’s classroom, students created unique patterns using the Brown Stair and Pink Tower:

Students continued variations using the knobbed and knobless cylinders:

They also tried variations using the Red Rods, Brown Stair and Pink Tower: