International Doll of the Month: India

The International Doll of the Month for November 2015 is India, in honor of Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

Ms. Sharmishtha Smalley, Somya and Saaya’s mom, and Ms. Maulishree Kansara, Suhani’s mom, gave a special presentation on India.  They shared how children across India celebrate the festival by lighting special oil lamps, called diyas.   Every student also received their own diya to take home.

Take a look at the photos from their visit below:

Ms. Lekha also shared her experiences growing up in Mumbai, greeting the school’s students with a friendly Namaste.   She discussed the Indian tri-color flag, the national flower and the national bird. Ms. Lekha pointed out that the concept of “zero” is an Indian invention, developed by the famed Indian mathematician Aryabhata. She also showed images of famous Indian landmarks like the Taj Mahal and even showed off her Bollywood dance moves.

The International Doll of the Month is a blog series published by the Montessori Preschool @ Copperfield. The school has a collection of nearly 60 dolls representing the countries of origin of our student body. We believe an early education, coupled with a global outlook, is critical for success in school and in life. The dolls are featured each month to teach children from an early age about cultural diversity and ways of life around the world.