We’re off to the Carnival!

Last Friday, our children organized their annual Halloween Carnival. Full of old-school games like ring toss, fishing, and a cake walk, our Kindergartners guided our Toddler and Primary students from room to room and show them how to play! Our Halloween Carnival, unlike local Fall Festivals, is designed to help children be independent in social engagements. They learn to wait their turn, socialize politely, and have fun as a group.

Let’s go to the Carnival!

Our students recently celebrated the 19th Annual Halloween Carnival.  Check out our top four moments:


1. Princesses and Heroes galore! Our students dressed up as their favorite characters from Elsa of Arendelle to Japanese character Totoro.

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2. Students played an array of games and win prizes.  Our directresses set up booths, featuring games from Witch’s Hat Ring Toss to and Pumpkin Ball Toss.

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3. Twinsies! Brother and sisters got together for a fun photo shoot.

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4. As part of the celebration, our students created their own Trick or Treat Bags to collect prizes and candy.

Halloween Bags