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The Arts & Enrichment

Art, Music, and Dance

Creativity and the fine arts are important in learning to think out of the box.  Children do monthly craft projects and use a variety of media to express themselves. Children sing during class time and learn dances from all over the world for annual seasonal performances for their parents.  In addition, primary students are recruited to perform in the school’s rhythm band – a percussion orchestra which performs during the holiday season.  Students study musicality, tempo, and rhythm.

Experiential Learning

The school has a strong emphasis on experiential learning.  The Montessori Method is unique in that children are able to experience and engage with very abstract concepts in a concrete way.  We extend this idea to current events and world cultures.  For example, during election season, children engage in a school-wide vote for their favorite color.  Children engage in the voting process, how votes are counted, and why Americans vote.

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